wtorek, 18 stycznia 2011

Next meeting on Wednesday, February 9th

The next Pykonik meeting will take place in Pauza Club - just like before (ul. Floriańska 18). We have three talks planned:
  • "The towers of Babel" by Lennart Regebro: On open source, patents, copyrights explained with steam engines, lolcats and rock'n'roll.
  • "Za co nie lubi Cię Twój hoster" by Grzegorz Nosek: The best ways to make your hosting provider hate you more than he already does (the talk is going to be in polish)
  • "Class-based views in Django 1.3" by Łukasz Rekucki: on the idea of class based views, ways of implementing it and design desicions taken in Django 1.3
The meeting will begin at 19:00.

EDIT: We previously informed about the meeting happening on Thursday, Feb 3rd. That was a mistake: the correct date is Wednesday, Feb 9th.

środa, 5 stycznia 2011

Next meeting preparations

The next meeting is going to happen around a month from now (no date nor venue settled yet). We started gathering feedback in the mailing list. If you have any suggestions/ideas, feel free to answer here.