środa, 24 czerwca 2015

27# Tech Talks Meetup, 8th of July 2015

After quite a long break, we have Tech Talks Meetup again! It is on 8th of July. The start is planned for 18:30. Our venue is Tech Space (ul. Leona Wyczółkowskiego 7, Kraków).

Please help us prepare better and register at j.mp/krk-py-tech-talks-27.

For now the plan is that longer scheduled talks will be in English. If there are no non-Polish speaking foreigners we will probably switch to Polish.

Although the announcement is in English don't hesitate to give a Lightning Talk in Polish!


18:30 - 18:50 - Networking and Intro

18:50 - 19:20 - Jacek Nosal: Write code that you won't hate. Few words on metaclasses, descriptors and context managers.

19:25 - 19:55 - Krzysztof Mędrela: Cython -- compile to C instead of Python bytecode

How to speed up Python program by 50% in 5 minutes, without changing code base? How to integrate Python with C and C++ and not to work very hard? How to deliver binary .exe instead of source code in .py files? How to achieve plain C speed without coding in C? The answer is simple: Cython (based on Pyrex) -- Python programming language extended with C capabilities. All these problems can be easily fixed thanks to a unique feature of Cython -- it compiles to C instead of bytecode.

20:00 - 20:30 - Lightning Talks A Lightning Talk is a short presentation (about 5 minutes long) that does not require much preparation and may be given without too many slides. Think of them as cinematic trailers for interesting topics or condensed tech talks.

20:30 - Afterparty (in Tech Space)

piątek, 12 czerwca 2015

We are now on Meetup and we are having Coding Dojo #8 soon

We are now on Meetup.com!

In short: we recently decided to join many Kraków based tech groups and initiatives and set up an account on Meetup.com. Make sure to join other Pythonistas there.

What is a Coding Dojo?
tl;dr: We invite you to come and learn Python by coding with us!
Register at http://www.meetup.com/Pykonik/events/223195884/!

A Coding Dojo is a place / meeting for programmers to engage together ondeliberate practice of their craft. Expect to do Test Driven Development, PairProgramming and other practices well known from Agile development methodologiestogether with other people.
It’s meant to be fun and to help everyone improve their coding skills.
All skill levels are welcome.
In the very first minutes we will give a brief introductionexplaining how the process work, with very few rules, and then we start coding.
Do not bring your computer, you don’t need it, and it would be just one moredistraction in the era of smartphones and everyone always connected...
Important things to keep in mind: Continuous learning, Safe environment, No competition, Collaboration, Inclusive, Failure and redundancy, Baby steps
Objectives: Practice, Learn, Teach, Discuss based on actual code (avoid abstract conversations)
What NOT to do: Rush to finish the problem, Work on somebody’s "real life" problem, Flamewars, Compete with other participants, Have anyone in the session lost in understanding the current state of the  code base
At the end of the session we conduct a retrospective to understand collectivelywhat we’ve learned, what did we like, what could be better, etc. And afterthat, it’s common to spend more time together and socialize.
Printbox (http://getprintbox.com/) kindly offers us their office space for avenue and provides snacks.
Printbox is the simplest and the most effective way to run your own photoproduct business. 
Printbox allows you to sell customizable photo products. It is a completepackage containing ready-to-go eCommerce on your domain with your branding,beautiful editor filled with photo product templates and high quality PDF filegenerator. Each component is focused on conversion and has been tailored toaccommodate specific needs for small and enterprise businesses.

wtorek, 9 czerwca 2015

Codepot, 100% workshop conference

tl;dr Codepot to konferencja składająca się w 100% z warsztatów; jesteśmy ich partnerem; Call4Papers: https://codepot.pl/call-for-papers

Codepot.pl chce zrobić święto dla developerów, wydarzenie który każdy będzie dobrze wspominał. Chcemy współpracować z najlepszymi społecznościami w całej Polsce (ale i na całym świecie! :), zaprosić osoby potrafiące przygotować wciągające warsztaty (zapraszamy do zgłąszania się na https://codepot.pl/call-for-papers ) i dodać do tego niesamowitą atmosferę. Nasza konferencja odbędzie się 28-29 sierpnia na SWPS, będzie miała charakter warsztatowy.

Jest przeznaczona dla wszystkich, którzy są w jakikolwiek sposób związani z wytwarzaniem oprogramowania. Będzie płatna ale symbolicznie, w celu motywowania przychodzia ludzi na warsztaty. Konferencja składa się z 72 warsztatów prowadzonych przez ekspertów. Zapraszamy około 350 uczestników. Każdego dnia uczestnik będzie mógł wziąć udział w dwóch dogłębnych warsztatach technicznych. Po przerwie obiadowej przewidywane są warsztaty zwane miękkimi, tak żeby na kolejny warsztat techniczny przyjść zrelaksowanym i wypoczętym.

Pykonik jest partnerem codepot.pl. Zapraszamy Was do składania Call4Papers. Jak tylko ruszy rejestracja otrzymamy kody zniżkowe, dzięki czemu będzie można kupić bilet w cenie 79zł.