czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2011

Next meetup - Thursday May 12th

The next meetup will take place in a different than usual location: The coworking studio "Studio przy Lea", 2/2 Królewska street. The map below should explain everything.

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We have a nice lineup of presentations:
  • Indispensable Lennart Regebro will give us a Short introduction to Plone.
  • Łukasz Zosiak will talk about Python in solid state physics
  • and Marcin Ciura will present his library for Exact numerical computations in Python.
The meetup starts on Thursday May 12th at an unusual time of 19:15. Hope to see you all there!

BTW. I just remembered we have a flickr account, so if anyone takes his/her camera, I will upload the pics there.

PS. Following the best tradition, a wrong date was published initally: just remember, it's Thursday May 12th!

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